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Windows 7 x64

I tested this with Godot 2 and it works just fine. Godot 3 (alpha2) gave me some headaches though.


I use the following scene structure:

Please note:

  • World is a Node2D, A and B are RigidBody2D
  • A is pinned to World
  • B is pinned to A
  • The marked RigidBody2D inside A is not wanted!


This is the script attached to World:

extends Node2D

func _physics_process(delta):


This only works if I add another RigidBody2D to A. If it is not there, A rotates but B stays at its place.
With Godot 2 everything works fine without that additional RigidBody inside A.


An animation for showing the behaviour

Minimal project

Download the project's .zip from Zippyshare.com

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Just a little addition:
I totally missed the point, that a RigidBody2D has no mass when it has no CollisionShape attached. This means I didn't understand the whole concept till now. But I have to say that the described behaviour is still strange...

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