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Hi all, just curious if there is a way to stop the decrease of lag when playing a video with the VideoPlayer node.

I have a small 2MB .webm file, and my fps goes from 60 to hovering 20-25.

I have a RX 480, 60hz monitor

Just curious if this is a .webm issue? Should I use a different codec maybe?

Or, is the fps decrease just part of the video playback?

Thanks in advance

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What is the resolution of video, and what is its bitrate?

Note that video decoding is performed in software, since nearly no GPU supports hardware decoding of VP9/VP8/Theora. Note that VP9 (WebM) is a fairly expensive codec, if you can spare the lower quality, using VP8 (also WebM) or Theora (OGG) may be a better option.

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