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I was just wondering about how the developers (community and official) feel about the importance of Godot's (UI) appearance.

In the docs there is a section which describes the kinds of feedback the developers will likely ignore and such. Several of the things in this section deal with ideas regarding UI appearance and clutter, and seem to label them as the wrong kind of feedback (or at least the ones most likely to be ignored). Of course, I agree that these are probably the things least likely to be useful and are reasonably ignored. However, I am curious to know how important UI appearance/clutter is to developers. I think the app looks UI decent at the moment, but am curious about its future too. Is appearance/unclutterness just a nice thing to have but will mostly be ignored as other things take precedent? Or is appearance/unclutterness seen as an important aspect (though just not one that specific idea feedback is likely to be useful from)?

Personally, I think appearance has a considerable impact on enjoyability and therefore usability (which is of course why I'm interested in this answer). Let me know! Thanks!

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The community forum is probably a better place for open discussion rather than this Q&A. https://godotdevelopers.org/forum/

The UI part that takes most interest in general is the ones that affect usability, there are many reports about that, but need to have a reason other than a personal taste to get devs attention.

The redesign of Godot 3 took a long time to set up but with collaboration of many designers and opinions of users and devs got what 3 is now.

You can read the issues and corresponding PRs mentioned in volzhs answer to get a picture of how serious is taken this subject (some are really long discussions).

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They have a lot of interest in UI.




and godot 3.0 looks much better than 2.1 as you know.

Certain aspect of the UI looks cluttered

I think this means very personal preference.
There has been a lot of suggestion about UI on github.
They will accept if many people accept that after discussion.

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