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I would like to make a fan-based decision, if witch I should go with a super smash bros type fighting game, or with a naruto type fighting game? I am a big fan of smash bros, but I don't want to seem like I'm copyrighting any game, so I a making a fan based decision for my game! Also, should it be adventurous, or just a fight-all-the-time game?

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Just a bit of advice: this is a technical support forum. It's best used for people to ask and find specific answers to specific problems in using the Godot Engine. It's not really a place for general game design questions.

You might find it more productive to visit a game design community like Stack Exchange or Reddit.

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Some would consider Super Smash Bros to have a unique subgenre mixing elements of fighting and platforming. You're not copyrighting a game by being inspired by a style. The game you make is ultimately up to you. In the future, you should ask these types of questions in Godot's Art & Design subforum. You can find other Godot social media discussion pages on the Godot community page. Also, I would recommend these pages outside of Godot: Indie Game Developers facebook group and GameDev Beginners facebook group.

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