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Hi guys, how to optimize the TileMap, 16x16 gives 10 fps and 128x128 gives 60 stably.
Not quite understand about the quadrant size to which it affects.

Project: a scene filled with TileMap without the script, and launched on Android.

I did some tests. the ideal display 1280x720 with cell size 32; quadrantsize = 3; scale (2,2) , fps 50 - 60.
If no scale(2,2) 10-40 fps
If the standard quadrant
size = 16, more than 15 fps will not see

Not only quadrant_size affects fps but the display (but not much)

Tell me what the settings should be perfect for Android.

asked Nov 6, 2017 in Engine by Jond (27 points)

What is the size of your tiles? How many tiles are you displaying on the screen?

20x10 not bad. if you find 26x14, drops fps
on weaker phones, do need to use a 128x128 cell size for 720p

As far as I'm aware, quadrant size option really exists in order to tweak performance. A 26x14 tiles map should not lag with standard quadrant size, even on a phone. My game has pretty big tilemaps with quadrant size of 8 and I get around 40-50fps on Android Wiko Birdy. Did you try with a scene with ONLY the tilemap?

Another note: why are you using scale on your tilemap? If it's because of pixel-art, note that you can also use camera zoom instead of scaling every node ;)

yes, I decided to leave it for later. I don't remember exactly, but much as I tried.( quadrant size - I noticed that it strongly affects the slightest changes) You can write your parameters

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