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Hello, I trying to make space ship turret and need some help. What i have so far:

scene hierarchy image
and code:

func track_enemy(_entity, delta):

var t = turret_parent.get_global_transform()
var lookDir = _entity.get_global_transform().origin# - t.origin
var rotTransform = t.looking_at(lookDir, Vector3(0,1,0))
var thisRotation = Quat(t.basis).slerp(rotTransform.basis, value)
value += delta
if value >1:
    value = 1
turret_parent.set_global_transform(Transform(thisRotation, t.origin))

turret tower position in global space image

here is the player and white 'thing' on top of it is turret tower looking at the target (red line how it should be).

Any help what should I do to lock rotation just on y axis?
(I can't see posted images here is hierarchy image and space ship image)

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Ok I found work around - I made a simple position 3D node as dummy turret and set transform from code above and then turret_tower.set_rotation(Vector3(0,dummy_turret.get_rotation().y,0))

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