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I manually arrange the positions of my various VBox and HBox containers in my scenes. But whenever I make a change not even related to their positions, widths, heights; i.e attaching a texture to a button under a VBoxContainer, I lose all positional, dimensional changes that I already made! What am I missing? Aren't the BoxContainers the right way to visually template the scenes? Or is this a bug?

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I think the VBox and HBox containers are "layout" containers, which means they will rearrange their contents vertically or horizontally automatically. It depends what you are arranging?

first of all: thank you! but the thing is I'm not losing the arrangement in runtime. I'm losing it in the editor! they just become a mess after I make a move like attaching a texture, or a script to the node...

Same problem here. Have you managed to solve this issue by any chance?

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-Control (your size and pos)
--VBoxConteiner (fullsize)

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