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I am wondering how I can do non-parallaxing, non-camera based repeating/tiling scrolling of a Sprite and/or TextureFrame. I have a 256x256 background that is part of a cutscene that I need to use AnimationPlayer to scroll and repeat. Is this something Godot can do?

I see numerous tutorials on how to do a parallaxing background, but non on how to animate a repeating background. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Not sure if understand the desired effect, like animating the texture rect of a sprite with texture with repeat enabled?

Yes! Your question gave me the answer. Here is the attribute I needed to animate:
Screenshot of the *Region Rect* attribute

Ok, I'll post as an answer

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Is possible to scroll a (repeated) texture on a sprite by moving the region rect property.
Than be done by code or even with AnimationPlayer, in the case of a Polygon2D it need to move the UV (and have one first).

Something to take into account are the ending values on the motion if a loop is used, these will need to be proportional to the size so the loop gets unnoticeable .

There are other ways too, like using shaders, here is an example using the shader graph:

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Thanks for adding to this post!

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