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Here's a video demonstrating the issue:

Here are the linking errors from the output:

Below I posted some of the relevant project settings from a CMake project where I get these errors. The Visual Studio project is set up exactly the same and I get the same linking errors. I believe the includes and libraries are correctly set up as everything worked properly previously. The issue appeared a few days ago (could be something wrong with my setup, but I don't think I changed anything).

These are the includes I use:


I link to these two libraries:


Here's the folder structure:

The "godot_cpp_bindings.lib" and "godot.windows.tools.64.lib" are compiled from the most recent commit from a few hours ago from the godot and godot-cpp repositories. The godot_headers repo was also up-to-date.

I'm on Windows 10, I tried using MSVC2015 and MSVC2017.

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