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As Far I know that the Visual Scripting was to be coming in Godot 2.1 but, It is directly been implemented to 3?

So, are the developers going to skip other 2.1 versions to 3 or will it be released in 3.1?

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Visual Script was added to 2.2 (as preview), but the development of 2.2 got suspended and jumped directly to 3.

VS was always available on 3 branch.

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Can I download source code of 2.2? Link?


I don't know if VS was updated after moving to 3, it was some kind of preview version and may have many bugs and lack of features (compared to the one on 3).

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If you want to try out VS, you need to use the 3.0 master branch. There have been a lot of changes since the alpha 1 release, so you'll need a recent build (or build it yourself).

There is a first draft of documentation here which should be enough to get you started: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/learning/scripting/visual_script/visual_script_basics.html#introduction

If you want to see a (rough, but complete) example project, I made this recently:

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