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I use Intel (R) HD Graphics. When I use Godot 3, the machine is unable to create OpenGL 3.3 rendering Content. After research I found that Godot 3.1 will support older devices.

So, when by using Godot 3.1 on Older Cards and Devices, Could I be able to create 3D apps/games, or only 2d games.

Please, I don't want to leave 3D in Godot. :(

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Have you tested this on Linux ?

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Check comments for an update on this subject
~ The editor won't have support for GLES2, only exports, 3.1 editor won't work on old graphics cards ~
According to the roadmap it will have "focus on 2D" so it may get some 3D capabilities (I don't know how much will be possible).

If you need to develop for old hardware, you can stay with 2.x, it will have fixes only after 2.1.5 but will be around for a couple of years (and maybe somebody will get their hands on it and update features or fork it in a new direction).

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It seems that the editor will be GLES2 compatible.


Karroffel changed the scope with his amazing job (:

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