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So i updated Godot to version 2.1.4 and this problem showed in my face:
"Load Errors: Unable to write to file: 'C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Godot/editor_setting.tres' , file in use or lacking permissions"
This appears when i want to test my game
I run Godot as administrator, file is not in use and i have no idea about what's wrong here.
Any fix?

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I solved this for my case.
It was a conflict with my anti-virus.

Using Godot v2.1.4

Using antivirus Clam Sentinel,
which constantly investigates new files & system changes.

I had a similar error for C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Godot/ (different files)
where it was

"Unable to write to file '(C:/.../project path/scene.tscn)', file in
use, locked or lacking permissions".

In the Godot Console it said:

"ERROR: FileAccessWindows::close: Condition ' rename_error ' is true.
At: drivers\windows\file_access_windows.cpp:139"

When my anti-virus scans a file, it opens (or maybe locks) the file momentarily,
then closes it.

When I tried to save --and Godot needed to overwrite these files--
it was unable to, since my anti-virus had them opened in the background to scan.

My solution was:

I went into my anti-virus settings
+ set it to not live/actively scan the following directories:
[] C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Godot/*
[] C:/.../path with my Godot project files/*

Clam Sentinel syntax note:
If you don't put the /* at the end of the folder path,
it will skip that folder, but it WILL scan subfolders.
The /* just means, apply rule to this folder, and all subfolders.

No more errors : )

I'm not sure how safe this is.

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Well, this happens me randomly and not all time. For example, if i want to save what i have done, this error shows. If i let Godot open for like 5 mins and try again, it works fine.
So i'm not going to risk my security if i can "play" safe.
BTW thanks for the answer

Smart choice!
If Godot is working for you well enough, that's the best decision.

For me it was happening EVERY time I saved.
And I only plan on learning (+ not publishing) with this computer.

Best wishes + have fun!

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