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So i updated Godot to version 2.1.4 and this problem showed in my face:
"Load Errors: Unable to write to file: 'C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Godot/editor_setting.tres' , file in use or lacking permissions"
This appears when i want to test my game
I run Godot as administrator, file is not in use and i have no idea about what's wrong here.
Any fix?

asked Sep 19, 2017 in Engine by GunPoint (395 points)

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I solved this for my case.
It was a conflict with my anti-virus.

Using Godot v2.1.4

Using antivirus Clam Sentinel,
which constantly investigates new files & system changes.

I had a similar error for C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Godot/ (different files)
where it was

"Unable to write to file '(C:/.../project path/scene.tscn)', file in
use, locked or lacking permissions".

In the Godot Console it said:

"ERROR: FileAccessWindows::close: Condition ' rename_error ' is true.
At: drivers\windows\file_access_windows.cpp:139"

When my anti-virus scans a file, it opens (or maybe locks) the file momentarily,
then closes it.

When I tried to save --and Godot needed to overwrite these files--
it was unable to, since my anti-virus had them opened in the background to scan.

My solution was:

I went into my anti-virus settings
+ set it to not live/actively scan the following directories:
[] C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/Godot/*
[] C:/.../path with my Godot project files/*

Clam Sentinel syntax note:
If you don't put the /* at the end of the folder path,
it will skip that folder, but it WILL scan subfolders.
The /* just means, apply rule to this folder, and all subfolders.

No more errors : )

I'm not sure how safe this is.

answered Sep 24, 2017 by Grass H0PEr (114 points)
selected Sep 24, 2017 by GunPoint

Well, this happens me randomly and not all time. For example, if i want to save what i have done, this error shows. If i let Godot open for like 5 mins and try again, it works fine.
So i'm not going to risk my security if i can "play" safe.
BTW thanks for the answer

Smart choice!
If Godot is working for you well enough, that's the best decision.

For me it was happening EVERY time I saved.
And I only plan on learning (+ not publishing) with this computer.

Best wishes + have fun!

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