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I've problems with textures, when I add a model, and assign a texture of 1024 x 1024 of wood to it, it changes to brown (not detailed), if I assign a normal map (even after keeping the normal depth to 0), it turns to absolute black (fully black, nothing even after tons of lights, configured).

Here is the PSW file for details(open in IE):-

Step-by-step details, how I do it, Click here

The box turns brown even after a lot of detailed texture of Wood
So, my questions are:-
1. How to fix the problem?
2. How can I assign particular texture to particular triangles in Wireframe mode? (for example, for mesh of a soldier, i want to select eyes and assign texture, select head and assign textures.

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Ii don't know what a PSW is and I have no iE here a.t.m. Did you do proper UV mapping in the 3D editor where you created the mesh? (Blender?)

Which version are you using? 2.1.4?

About 2)
You do the texture mapping (UV-mapping) in the 3D editor where you create the mesh.You can change the texture in Godot but not the mapping (AFAIK)

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