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Hi everybody!

I want to draw some pseudo graphics using bitmap font I have imported from TTF in Latin mode. The problem is, I need to replace some characters inside imported font with my custom drawn ones. I can't just change them in the original TTF file, because it won't be pixel perfect after the import.

Godot created three files after the import: font.sv.png, font.fnt. When I edit font.sv.png, font don't get updated, so I guess Godot uses the font.fnt file only. Is it somehow possible to edit the imported font without using any external tools or my only option is to convert tff to a *.fnt file in some external tool, edit the original bitmap and then import it using Godot?

Thanks in advance

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AFAIK, like you mentioned, you need to use another tool like bmfont to make .fnt and image file.
and edit image file then import it to godot.

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