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I'm a total noob. it's like every time I try to script anything it won't work...

Example, how would I set the visibility on a sprite using button?

extends Panel

func _on_button_pressed():

func _ready():

So that won't do anything ...

And also what does the (self) mean? Thanks ...

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extends Panel

func _on_button_pressed():

func _ready():

self means current instance, it is same with this in another languages.

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Wow.. so let me try to understand..
the last line 'connect' the pressed state of "button" with the function declared at second line. It connect the function to a trigger. Ok.

But what is " !getnode("Sprite").ishidden() " doing exactly ?
Is it a way to flip/flap visible and hidden according to current state of the "Sprite" ?

( Just starting with Godot, aka total noob as would say friendlyappretice )

Thanks for the reply @volzhs. And yep Graphitik it is to do as you've written

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