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Well, I'm testing Godot 3.0 Alpha1 and noticed that the method "is_colliding()" is gone for good from KinematicBody2D.

Is there any way to check this collision?

I've already tried the following (new) methods:

"getcollisioncount()" (expecting it would return me a number bigger than 0)

In advance, thank you!

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I also need to know if this is valid:

Dictionary move ( Vector2 rel_vec )
Move the body in the given direction, stopping if there is an obstacle. If as a result of a movement there will be any collision then informations about this collision will be in returned dictionary. Dictionary will contains those keys:

“position” - collision position
“normal” - collision normal
“local_shape” - id of this kinematic body shape that took part in a collision
“travel” - traveled movement before being stopped
“remainder” - remaining movement before being stopped
“collider_id” - id of the collider, it can be used when dealing with Physics2DServer
“collider” - colliding body
“collider_shape_index” - index of the colliding shape, inside collider body “collider_metadata”

It seems that on the Alpha the Normal returned, which I expected to be the collision normal is not correct....

Yes, there is a bug on the return values on the alpha, should be solved by now, you can try to compile from master or get a more recent build.

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