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What I am trying to do is draw a texture with vertex color painted in blender.
I made a plane has 64 x 64 vertices and painted vertices with red color.
Exported it as .obj and imported as a mesh in godot.

And now I'm trying to get vertex color information with MaterialShaderGraph.
But still have no luck.

How can I get vertex color information and draw a texture with it?

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I was unable to make vertex color work with an exported .obj. But using the Better Collada add-on to export a .dae and importing it as a 3D scene does work.

Here is the shader graph:
Shader Graph for vertex color.

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I should had tried to use better collada.
This is exactly what I need. Thanks.

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I don't have a lot of experience in 3D and even less in Shaders, but how about "Vertex" data from Input node?
(RMB -> Input -> Vertex)

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