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Let's say my player value is 3.765. What formula would I use to separate the whole number from the decimal?

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int(3.765) will return the integer 3.
You also have floor() (round down), ceil() (round up) and round() which rounds a value to the nearest integer.

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Hi 9BitStrider.

I am not an expert on GDScript but if you want to get the numbers on both sides of the point, maybe you can do this:

var playerValue = 3.765
var playerValueString = String(playerValue)
var playerValueParts = playerValueString.split(".")
print(playerValueParts[0], " - ", playerValueParts[1])
#   3 - 765

But if you only want to get the left part of the decimal the answer of YeOldeDM is the way.

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using int(3.765) will go faster than parsing strings

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