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Hi, I am making a game that I want to be able to deploy online with a website where people can set up accounts. However, I was wondering how effective the export for websites is as my understanding is you have to export size is very large with Godot. Sorry for the noob language but I am quite new to this. So in short what I am asking is, is this possible to do effectively with Godot? And if so how? or should I use another game engine?

Thanks in advance

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Hi stubbsy,

U can do this if u have some html knowledge......deploy ur game in html and create a website which load this game after pressing a button (like in games) to play the game.
But u have to create boot progress bar as HTML games load using Internet and some people have slow internet and if there is no progress bar....it may stick to boot screen for a large time.
Hope I helped u....if u have any query comment this....I would be very happy to clearyfy u.


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