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Hi, I am trying to do admob, in order to show ads in between the game. I went through this url as per previous questions and suggestions - https://github.com/Mavhod/GodotAdmob

Now I am trying to compile godot game using source code, hence downloaded the godot-master , and now using these steps in order to setup the compile - http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/development/compiling/compiling_for_windows.html

I have a problem where, it says 'Running Scons', and i put this command in the Developer command prompt for VS17 :

C:\godot> scons platform=windows

and it gives me access denied. I have followed the instructions as mentioned in that url. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.

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I think its because no one likes adds : D

Godot master is for 3, that module is old so may be for 2.1 or older.

Keep in mind that scons do not fully support VS 2017 yet and it may give you some problems before it can fully compile.

Most issues should be solved by now for 2.1, not sure how is the status for 3.

Thanks Eons, So what do you suggest? Because I am using V2.1.2.stable official version, and that also from just the executable. Suddenly cos i need ads done, i have to use source code. Please advise. Thanks

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