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I dont know how i can use c++ to write script using godot. Godot say it can use c++, but i dont know how. And also there's no tutorial i found about how to write using c++ with godot

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There is two ways to do that.

Cpp module tutorial on Godot 2.1 and Godot 3.0:


Check Godot build system doc before:

And the second way is the "NativeScripts" (thanks to the GDNative module) on Godot 3.0 only.


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In the future I try to make the Godot Documentation more accessible for beginners! ;D

In your case maybe my Godot C++ Playlist can help you out.
In this Steamguide you can find everything you need to know about the possibilitys.

enter image description here

hope I can help someone with that ;D

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