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Hello. I just started using Godot engine and I must say that I like it a lot.
But I noticed that Godot editor runs very slowly. And whenever I test my game I only get about 20 fps in (1024x600 ) windowed and less than 10 fps when full screen.
I'm using laptop with i5-3230m , 8GB ram and radeon 8850m, windows 8.1. Even if Godot is not using my dedicated gpu it still should have far better performance.
I'm not sure what is wrong. I really hope I'll fix this soon so I can continue using this awesome engine.
Here are some pictures.

edit: It seems like max fps is 20 without anything on screen.

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Are you using the Radeon drivers from ATI/AMD or the default drivers installed by Windows 8?

My guess #1 is that the OpenGL 2 support by the drivers which you currently use is bad/broken.

Normally an i5 and 8GB should be more than enough to run Godot fluently.

Does the performance in the Godot Editor differ when you switch between 2D/3D and Script mode?
Another issue could be when you use a custom shader with very bad coding/performance. (Doesn't look like that in the screen shots). Because shaders are also shown in the editors 2D/3D preview.

Guess #3 is that your notebook in general is performing badly because of other problems. But you should know that. ;-) You could check the task list to see if one or more cores are at 100% and some notebooks also speed down when they overheat (i.e. because of too much dust in the fan).

I'm using newest drivers from AMD. Performance stays the same in every mode. I tried running empty project with nothing on screen ( no shaders) and it gives same or worse performance than any other godot demo project (20 fps and 8-10 in full window).
It might be that drivers don't support openGL 2 that great. I will try to install some ancient drivers and see if it helps. And if that doesn't work, I'm getting rid of windows 8 for 7 or 10.
I don't have any other idea.
Thanks for help.

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Fixed by deleting evil culprit Windows 8 and installing Windows 7.

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just in case, take note of the version of your current drivers.

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