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Hello, maybe someone can give some tips about how to make camera movement (rotation) around object?
thank you!

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The simplest way is using the animation player.

  1. set camera as child from object
  2. set in camera inspector the property Current to on
  3. then rotate the object with animation player

Don't get sick!! :-)

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thank you, I think I was not clear by saying rotate camera around object. I want to say make rotation with mouse movement something like 3rd person games. I'm so sorry for this "clear" question.

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Than look at this git project from Calinou.


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...or you can start with this Godot 3rd Person Controller

and edit the script so that the mouse will be rotating with the character

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thank you guys!

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I had the same problem, having a Canvas Layer as root node turned out to be the issue. Changing the root node to an Area2D solved it.

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