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Where do I get or how do I build the static library I need to link native scripts against? The latest prebuilt one I could find was from April 12. I am using MinGW-w64, in the likely event that this matters.
Also, I am struggling to understand the API. I have the newest (as of July 17) engine source and headers from Github, and all of the demos use the older API. I don't really know where to start.

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You probably have to build both Godot and GDNative, as GDNative could still be in development. There are tutorials at the website, these weren't enough to get you going? You also might want to ask for help at their Githubs as they seem very active over there.

I should have said that I already built the engine. Also, The new binaries and library didn't work for me either. It's probably because of my compiler. I don't actually know how to build the library to link my scripts against. That would probably solve my problem.

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