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Simple question, how to change the opacity of a material?

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Material override -> fixed material -> use alpha

Material override -> fixed material -> diffuse -> alpha channel(A)


Material override -> shader material -> new MaterialShader

color col = color(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.5);


Material override -> shader material -> new MaterialShaderGraph. Create ColorUniform and connect RGB with Diffuse and Alpha connect with DiffuseAlpha.

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Thanks, but when enabling the alpha, it seems to turn off the glow, is this normal?

I have just tested. Everything works. I can load my example if you want.

If you wouldn't mind.

I'm talking about a material glowing individually, not the entire environment.

i'm sorry! I see this problem. Glow works with pre-pass alpha, but only with 1.0(255) alpha-channel. Probably it's a bug.

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