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Apologies if this is a rather basic question, but I didn't see anything about this already asked!

I was working with a 3d third-person controller template to develop some basic functionality (enemy ai, player movements, etc), but when I tried to make and import a test level from Blender scaled around a 2m person, the player models from the template were tiny - really tiny, like ants!

What is the "normal" size for importing from Blender? Does this mean the template just used very small meshes? How large are Godot 3d units relative to Blender's meters? I would like to have everything just be correct in Blender without having to change scale in Godot, since there's some odd behavior with look_at() resetting scale to (1,1,1) when it rotates a scene.

Thank you so much for your help!

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I use the "Better Collada" exporter which is downloadable at the godot site. For my models, 1 unit in Blender equals 1 unit in godot. (Which is 1m in my game)
Same is for Wavefront Obj exports/imports.

Maybe the object is scaled in Blender or just designed for a very small scale. If you have scaled objects in Blender then you can apply the scale to the objects mesh (scale resets then to 1). But that is more a Blender topic.

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Thanks! I actually got where I needed to go when I discovered the camera view distance limit of 4096 units. I was able to figure out what scale everything needed to be from there.

Thank you!

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Apply the scale to your objects before exporting.

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