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I have a Video Player that plays four different videos after clicking one of four corresponding buttons. When I switch videos there is a short, 2-3 second pause with a black screen before the next video loads. When a video loops, there is a short pause with a grey screen.

Is it possible to play videos without the delay?

extends Control

var pose1 = preload("res://pose1.ogv")
var pose2 = preload("res://pose2.ogv")
var pose3 = preload("res://pose3.ogv")
var pose4 = preload("res://pose4.ogv")

var video_player
var video

func _ready():
    video_player = get_node("VideoPlayer")


    set_process (true)

func _on_button1_pressed():
    video = pose1

func _on_button2_pressed():
    video = pose2

func _on_button3_pressed():
    video = pose3

func _on_button4_pressed():
    video = pose4

func _process(delta):
    if not video_player.is_playing():
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What if you make four video players, set them all to their corresponding video in _ready, and then make the one that needs to be shown active?

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