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How would i set it so a single object glows like in the demo cause i cant figure it out

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The idea is the following:

  1. Use a WorldEnvironment node so that you can change glow and similar parameters.
  2. Make a new Environment resource, and set the "Background/Mode" property to canvas, and its HDR and SRGB to enabled. Also, you can enable glow as well, since it makes a nice effect.

    • Glow would make objects that are too bright to bleed into other objects, while HDR would make the whole scene darker when it is too bright (as a whole).
    • SRGB is needed for proper HDR.
  3. Pick the object that you want to make glowing, and set its modulate to a color, that is out of the (0..1) range. You can do this by checking the "RAW Mode" option in the color picker.

    • If for any reason you don't use a sprite or similar node, you can still use modulation via shaders – just multiply the source color by the modulate color.
  4. Profit
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It doesnt work for me for some reason , and i dont know why

Are you sure you done step 3 correctly? If the other steps don't work, step 3 would leave you with a white sprite, while otherwise it would be a blurred white sprite :)

That's odd :/ Cause nothing changed for me

That's very weird, maybe my procedure isn't correct? I'm going to test it, and will update later.

My bad, I would edit the missing information in immediately

I tried too, but my sprite only gets brighter: http://zylannprods.fr/dl/godot/Glow.zip
- Do we really need HDR to make things glow?
- Can we choose the glow curve or shader that generates the glow?

Thanks for the tutorial. Is HDR a shader? How much does using HDR affect performance if it is used on mobile GPU?

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