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I just need to know if Area2D detects things on its own, or if only what is entering a child collisionShape2D. Working out a bug where something seems to be triggered by something else besides the collisionshape2D so I just need to make sure it's not that, and I can't find any information on it, thanks in advance!

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uhhh, to my knowledge, CollisionShape2Ds only interact with each other and not any other classes. Maybe CollisionShape (3D) is affected too? I also believe they are Control-agnostic.

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Yes, the area2D collision2D subnode would only interact with another collision2D subnode of another area2D, I'm just wondering if any kind of information is transmitted from an area2D without the collision2D.

Most other node need the collision node on each object to detect each other, I'm just wondering if area2D is special.

After some more research based on your answer it seems that it does pass information on its own, thank you!

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