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I created some scenes with a plugin.
But I can't make the editor to open it after the creation. If I open it with the Scene -> Open Scene menu works ok.

I tried:

var editor = EditorPlugin.new()


var editor = EditorPlugin.new()


item = preload("res://addons/Easycoria/templates/item_animated.tscn").instance()
var editor = EditorPlugin.new()

And the editor doesn't do anything. With edit_resource I get no error, but no visible behavior. When I tried with edit rather than edit_resource it says:

SCRIPT ERROR: _on_ConfirmationDialog_confirmed: Invalid call. Nonexistent function 'edit' in base 'EditorPlugin'.

Maybe is a bug in the EditorPlugin? I work with the 2.1.3 stable version.

asked Jun 22, 2017 in Engine by vmpajares (17 points)
edited Jun 22, 2017 by vmpajares

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