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I have a light2d element which sits over the scene and is implemented as timer goes off. Now the UI buttons and pause button also hides behind the light 2D mask i made. How can i bring it in front. The texture buttons dont have a Z axis. Light2D does n i put it as back as possible (Z = -10). Still the buttons are hidden in back. How can i bring it in front? any ideas? Thanks

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If I am not wrong, you can put your UI nodes in a CanvasLayer. This way, they should not be affected by the Light2D.

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The UI nodes are under a canvas layer. Still doesnt show

Maybe you can try disabling all light masks the texture buttons have? As far as I know light masks are used to check if the tagged layer has a light.

You have to play with "Z min" and "Z max" parameters in the Light2D node. Depending on these values, only nodes that lie in the Z range will be affected.

Another solution is to use a different Item mask for Objects and GUIs.

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