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I'm experiencing some 'small' / 'micro' lags when running on android regardless of the device.

The lags are small 'stutters'. Imagine a ball moving in a square of collision objects. The ball moves fine but every now and then has a very small lag. The issue appears on both Desktop builds and Android builds across devices.

We don't limit FPS in anyway.

The profiler did not yield anything interesting. Furthermore, we don't use process(delta) or _fixedprocess(delta) in any of our gd scripts.

For the sake of comparison, I've created the same example in unity and the issue does not appear.

I understand we're looking for a needle in a haystack. But any ideas to consider would be more than welcomed.

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If you pay attention, this is something common to nearly all games (even in Unity). Sometimes it's really due to the game, sometimes it's driver-related. There are suspicions on engine side already, but in some cases it was something else, take a look at this issue: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/2043
You say you don't limit FPS, but is V-Sync enabled?

I have the same issue, no matter the VSync is on or off I have some lags in android.

Are you having lag even on the simplest demo possible?

In the main game I have tilemaps and 2d lights I turned them off but still have lags.
Then I created a simple object move and rotate, one with scripting and one with animation, both have lags despite the fact that there is no fps drop. I changed the filters of sprites too, the result is the same. :/

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