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I know where to change to player resize screen when he wants.

My question is, when it resize to full screen for example the draw get all deformed.

So if i put the imagem in high resolution probably when i put it in small screen i go lose image.

So how to solve the problem on resize screen ?

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There are different options for that in your projects settings in the "Display" category

yes i know but i dont found the correct one yet.

the one that dont mess up the image

It is the setting stretch_mode. You want to set it to 2d.

i go take a look on it

if i remember i used one and it put full screen and the image in the current size on center

Then set stretch_aspect to "ignore".

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As mentioned in the comments you can use the help from project settings.

If you want your game to scale down with the window try setting the "stretch_aspect" in DIsplay to "keep" meaning it will scale your game down and add black bars around if needed.

If youd like i wrote a small guide showing one way to do responsive game design:



And of course, take a look at the doc page about fitting your game to multple resolutions


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Thanks man, i go take a good look in the infos you give :)

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