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I am trying to make a button hide the wings when clicked. the button works when I don't add .hide() to the end but I want to hide the wings. I am getting this error:

Attempt to call function 'hide' in base 'null instance' on a null instance.

extends Panel

func _ready():

func _on_MenuButton_button_down():
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Can you post a capture of the relevant part of your node tree, please?

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get_node("Player/Shane's-Wings") is the wrong path, as it's returning null. Use the correct path to the node there and it should work

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Still won't work I copied the path straight from the node by ctrl + c and pasted it in.

The path you're giving in your get_node() call is currently looking for a child of the button (this script's node) named "Player". My guess is this is probably not the case.


The get_node() documentation covers how these paths work pretty well. From that, you should be able to figure out the correct path according to your own game's scenetreee.

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