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so i'm new to making games in actual programs but not new to the whole making games thing (ive used scratch before this and understand basic terminology) and since im still trying to understand this i thought i would make a little game out of it. what im currently trying to do is make a fallzone so that when the player touches it, it resets the game and ive set it up so the area2d has a collisionshape2d. ive then made a signal to the player as a bodyentered to say get.tree().changescene("level name here") and it works fine but it stops working as soon as it gets moved below the player. it will work when above it like if i jump into it, it will reset it but if its below the player, like a fallzone should be, the game constantly resets and the player is unable to move. Ive also made sure that it isnt touching the level tiles (tilemap) just incase that's considered a collisionshape2d. another thing ive done is make sure that the area2d and its collionshape2d are linked so nothing can stuff up if i move it or resize it.

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i figured it out, although the area2d wasn't touching the tilemap, it was right next to it, so some sort of overlap or something i don't know but, changing the size to be smaller made it work

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