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I have this boss enemy that shoots 5 bullets when this function is triggered. The bullets gets spawned but the positioning of then is always wrong, I want it to spawn bullet in 5 spawn positions which are children of the boss but it spawns them at origin. I tried changing the line that ends with "*********" a lot and tried every combination of "position" and "global_position".

I use the same logic for player bullets(only diffrence there that player shoots 1 at a time) and it works fine but I really have no idea why it doesn't work for boss enemy.

 for i in $Shoot.get_children():
    var bullet_ins = bullet.instance()

    bullet_ins.global_position = i.global_position***
    bullet_ins.rotation = i.rotation

    bullet_ins.active = true


    bullet_ins.update_stat(5, 20000, 3)
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set position after adding it as a child

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