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Hi, ever since moving to Godot I have allways had problems with sprite quallity. Now with my new project, its the same as allways even in Godot 4.

Just for clarification, I do not use pixel art, I have 4096x4096 drawn art. (it should be able to downscale)

Freshly imported, the sprites are pixelated. I know this is fixed with mipmaps and filtering. But those settings only make it blurry. Both pixelated and blurry, it is unusable and looks terrible.

I tried every import setting and every texture filter setting (from inherit to linear mipmap anisotropic), but nothing fixed this issue. I am still new to this engine and I have not found anything online that would fix this (most things are for pixel art when it comes to Godot 2D).


With linear filter
With mipmaps
With linear mipmaps anisotropic filter
How it should look
Original image (part of it)

Thanks for reading and for any answers.

Godot version 4
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Hi Noccai,

could you provide an example? Maybe a small Projekt on Gthub or at least Screenshots.

Oh sorry I forgot, I edited them into the post.

Could you also provide the original image please and tell the scale you want to have?
I want to try this on my own.

Yes, its there. In the game it has a scale of 0.018, but it has problems even with much larger scales. Yep, extremely tiny and I think that might be the problem, but larger scales don´t really help either as I need it to be small compared to the screen anyway.

The image has a size of 4096 x 4096.
When scaling to 0.018, you will get a shabby size: 73.728 x 73.728 pixels

I recommend you to use a image manipulation program and resize the image. For example with ImageMagick:

Then choose an even number, like 64 x 64 pixels

Thanks I´ll try it. What size do you recommend into the future? How should I determine what resolution I should make my images?

As small as possible, so that you don't need to scale inside Godot.
The bigger the texures are, the more VRAM you need and your game will run slower.

Usually 64x64 is good or 128x128 if you have a 4K Screen.

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