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   if Input.is_action_just_pressed("pause"):
        if is_paused == false:
            get_tree().paused = true
            $pause_popup.visible = true
            is_paused = true
        elif is_paused == true:
            $pause_popup.visible = false
            get_tree().paused = false
            is_paused = false

When using this, the game remains paused and I cannot close the popup menu. If I switch the order, the menu will open once and then never open again.

Godot version 4.10
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Pausing the scene tree stops the physics processing.

If true, the SceneTree is paused. Doing so will have the following behavior:

- 2D and 3D physics will be stopped. This includes signals and collision detection.

Popups are modal by default but I don't know if they stop the scene tree processing.
If they do then you needn't pause the scene tree.
If they don't they you will need to add a state machine to bypass processing while in the 'pause' state or something similar.

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