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So I'm trying to use randi() in a global variable. ready() prints always the same value. (Note that when uncommenting the second line inside of ready() it does print a random one)
Already tried without the "onready" preffix. Nothing works.

extends Node

var max_multiplier = 5

#This variable has to dynamically change during the game
var current_base = 4

onready var tiles_goal = current_base * (randi() % max_multiplier + 1)

func _ready():
    #tiles_goal = current_base * (randi() % max_multiplier + 1)
Godot version 3.5
related to an answer for: How to properly use randomize() and seed()
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onready variables are defined before the actual _ready() function. Assign it inside the function instead, after calling randomize()

It seems you already tried doing this, though, and ended up commenting it out. Was there a problem?

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Yes. I'd like tiles_goal to be a global variable.
Declaring it globally and assigning the value inside of _ready() seems to be the solution. Right?

var tiles_goal
var max_multiplier = 5
var current_base = 4

func _ready():
    tiles_goal = current_base * (randi() % max_multiplier + 1)

Yes, that all seems correct

Thank you very much!

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