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I'm making a cycling system to make the player holding the ball the current player


var player = preload("res://TestPlayer.tscn") 


var has_ball

# Called when the node enters the scene tree for the first time.
func _ready():

    if offense:

        if player = has_ball(true):

    Globals.players = 
    var frontcourt,
    var backcourt,
    var center

I got the error "unexpected assign" on here:

if player = has_ball(true):

What causes this error?

Godot version 3.4
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There are a few things wrong there.

First, to compare one thing to another, you need to use==. The (single) = is to assign a value to something.

Next, I see that you have a variable named has_ball. I guess that gets set to true or false somewhere else. Anyway, this code...


is treating has_ball like it's a function instead of a variable - which won't work either.

Also, that lone current_player won't work. I assume that's a boolean variable that also needs to be set to true or false.

Based on the limited code you posted, my best guess is that instead of this:

if offense:
    if player = has_ball(true):

... you want something like this:

if offense:
    current_player = has_ball

That will set current_player to the value of has_ball (true or false).

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