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I tried follow this documentation and attached examples


but unsuccessful. Godot Editor can't detect them in Editor -Plugins setting screen.

Is there anybody succeed?

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Are you using the HEAD version on GitHub of Godot? It's different than the version that is available for download on the site (it is always the "fresher" version, although it is potentially buggy).

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To enable plugins, go to the Project Settings window. There will be a
new section "Plugins" where you can see the installed plugins and
enable/disable them

I guess you opened Editor Settings -> Plugins.
And you need a compiled version of github head to do this.

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Thank you
I will get new version from github

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While I cannot be certain current version is without bugs or even have plugins enabled; this is how I enabled them last time.

Check inside your godot folder. There should be a folder called "demos". Open it and check the examples inside the "plugins" folder. If you just want to test it; copy one (or more) of them inside your project folder and create a new folder called "addons" where you will put them.

If you wanted to try the "customnode", the path would look something like /your-project/addons/customnode/

Then (theoretically) it should appears inside the plugins list, which is found in the upper right corner; Settings -> Editor Settings, inside the "Plugins" tab. If no plugins appears there, try the reload icon near the upper right corner of Editor Settings. If none of that works; well, can't help you until they enable/fix the plugins :(

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for plugins those are under addon folder, you can find it at Scene > Project Settings > Plugins, not Editor Settings

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