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Left: Godot with everything disabled, Middle: Photoshop, Right: Godot with everything enabled

Is there any way to get the middle result from Godot?

I was looking onto FXAA and SMAA on the internet, is it possible to rewrite those as shaders in Godot? If so, how?

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Looks like subpixel anti-aliasing. I have a really dumb idea which is to render your game with the example on the left, but on a render texture bigger as twice the screen size. Then draw it at half the size on the final screen, this will "smooth" everything.
But there must be a better low-level way of doing this^^"

I've been studying AA since tomorrow, and that is basically SSAA isn't it? They say that's pretty expensive.

That's why I say it's really simplist (that's what you did to your screenshot, right?). I'm curious to know about other techniques, maybe there are post-processing shaders or hardware API functions that can achieve this too.

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