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I have two buttons, each with its own animation player but the same animations.

(The following images are not displayed so I try to describe)
right button plays animation on the left button
animation card_flip
node structure

The scene has the following structure (excerpt):

Button 1
- Animationplayer
- Sprite
-- 2nd sprite

Button 2
- Animationplayer
- Sprite
-- 2nd sprite

The animationplayer has a simple animation which replaces "Sprite" with "2nd sprite"

Both buttons reference the same script.

func _on_Card_pressed() -> void:

My intention is:
If I push the first button the animation "card_flip" is played on the first button, if I press the 2nd button the animation is played on the 2nd button.
But if I press the 2nd button the animation is played on the first button.

One solution would probably be to duplicate the animations and rename it eg. "cardflip2"
But I'm pretty sure there is an easier way.

Any suggestions appreciated
Thanks Boris

Godot version v3.5.1.stable.official [6fed1ffa3]
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Think I found solution:
- create for 1 card, which contains the animation player its own scene
- set for the animation "local to scene" true
- add this scene to the main scene tree

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