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video: https://streamable.com/apvhof

Raycast wont update immediatly when it's not pointing at the object/pointing at the object

extends Node3D

func _process(delta):
    var get_collider = $Player/Head/Camera3d/RayCast3d.get_collider()

    if $Player/Head/Camera3d/RayCast3d.is_colliding():
        if get_collider == $block:
        $Player/Head/Camera3d/looking_at.text = "looking at: block"
        $Player/Head/Camera3d/looking_at.text = "looking at: nothing"
Godot version 4 beta 2
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Maybe if do it !$Player.../RayCast3d.is_colliding(:? Like check if not colliding and do something if true, righ? Sorry, my keyboard...broke

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