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Hey there. I've encountered a really weird issue. I want to rotate my player's ship object by 180 degrees when a button is pressed. I've got it to work, but only when the RemoteTransform node that drives the camera position (Linked to the camera) is a child of the Player object.

When the RemoteTransform node is moved to another object in the hierarchy the behavior breaks and I get the rotation, but it pops back to the original rotation right at the end. The player script does not reference the RemoteTransform or the camera in any way. I'm pretty new to the engine so was just curious if this expected behavior and why. Or is this a bug?

I'm doing my rotation in the physicsprocess function.

I'm using Godot 4 beta 2

Here a gif of the issue (notice location of the RemoteTransform node)

Example of the Issue

Here is the same scenario, only thing different is the location of the RemoteTransform node

RemoteTransform Node Child of Player

Any thoughts?

Godot version Godot 4 beta 2
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