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Here is my function:

func define_keybindings():

# directional keys
var _left = InputEventKey.new()
InputMap.action_add_event("ui_left", _left)
var _right = InputEventKey.new()
InputMap.action_add_event("ui_right", _right)
var _forward = InputEventKey.new()
InputMap.action_add_event("ui_up", _forward)
var _back = InputEventKey.new()
InputMap.action_add_event("ui_down", _back)

# mouse wheel
var _zoom_in = InputEventKey.new()
InputMap.action_add_event("ui_page_up", _zoom_in)
var _zoom_out = InputEventKey.new()
InputMap.action_add_event("ui_page_down", _zoom_out)

It works perfectly for KEYn but fails for MOUSEBUTTONWHEELUP / DOWN

Any insights would be appreciated, thank you.

Godot version 4 beta 4
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1 Answer

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Most likely due to those not being InputEventKeys

# mouse wheel
var _zoom_in = InputEventMouseButton.new()
InputMap.action_add_event("ui_page_up", _zoom_in)

var _zoom_out = InputEventMouseButton.new()
InputMap.action_add_event("ui_page_down", _zoom_out)
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