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Hello, I am having problems with navmeshes on grid terrain. I use a solution to avoid baking navmesh at runtime. I create navmesh for each grid type at _ready, to replace them without needing to rebake a whole map. Anyways

My solution works when I delete or replace a grid without needing for a rebake but some other problem arises.

Navigation agents follows the edges of navmesh to reach the target.
This is a GIF to demonstrate:

It is also weird that agents follow the edges only single direction

Godot version 4.0.beta3
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I've had a similar issue in 2d navigation, though I wasn't using a tile map. Unfortunately, I never found a solution. I noticed that it happened less frequently when the angle of the edges was more different from the angle of the agent, but I don't think that that will help much in this situation. Hope you find a solution soon!

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I just fixed a problem that seems sort of related to your case by adjusting the default navigation settings in the project settings (they only appear if advanced settings are enabled). For me, I had to make the default cell size smaller (in my case, a value of .1 worked)

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