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How to filter a dictionary with a dictionary, which is inside an array of dictionaries?

I have several dictionaries inside an array and I would like to filter them by id like this

{'id': "idmain3"}

Only those with the id idmain3

var dictionary2 = {
    "id": "main_2",
    "name": "Main 2",
    "key": 'value'

var dictionary3 = {
    "id": "id_main_3",
    "id3": "main_3",
    "name3": "Main 3",
    "key": 'value',
    "other": 'value'

var dicts: Array = [dictionary2, dictionary3]
Godot version 4.0
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1 Answer

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func filter_by_id(dicts: Array, id: String) -> Array:
  var result = []
  for d in dicts:
    if not d.has("id"):
    if d["id"] == id:
  return result
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