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I'm making a procedurally generated 3D world using chunks that generate collisions through MeshInstance3D.createtrimeshcollision(), and they're working as expected. Below are screenshots that show the current setup of the generated chunks, the Raycast3D, etc.

The chunk generation, and the RayCast3D config

However, when I try to use a RayCast3D to get the terrain's current Y coordinate, it doesn't seem to detect it, despite apparently being on the correct collision layers and masks. The below screenshot has the player below ground, and the raycast pointing up, and it should have detected the terrain above, but doesn't.

In game, RayCast3D isn't detecting the terrain above

I set it up to print whatever it detects a collision with, and it even detects other objects, everything but the terrain itself. Please help, and thank you in advance!

Godot version v4.0.beta1.official [20d667284]
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