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I just have a small suggestion. When creating a new project the default location is inside the Godot application bundle. Would it be possible to add a default Project location to the setting and have a favourite location selection area. Perhaps with a add/remove buttons. Similar to that could in Blender. I think it would just make file system navigation easer. In the favourite section you could have any frequency used location. Perhaps this favourite location window could have a hide button as well, so when you are loading and saving form the project folder it would be hidden. Only being revealed when navigating the file system is needed.

Hope the dev team think this is a worth while idea.

asked Apr 12, 2017 in Engine by barkalot (27 points)
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In linux, if you make a .desktop for Godot, the default location is at the home directory, maybe on windows can be done with a shortcut too.

Also, search on github, I think I have seen something like this proposed, you can support that request to give more attention for devs or contributors.

Using mac at the moment. I try not to use window. I will have a look around for something similar. Can you give me a link to the development suggestions please?

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D'oh, I never use this option because I change configurations in each version and my setup is a bit messy xD, but on Editor Settings>Global There is a default project path, I think it should be on the Project manager.

This issue talks about settings that should be there among other things (and a related issue about design)

answered Apr 12, 2017 by eons (7,458 points)
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